Our Team Members

Employable Africa 

Bijal Lal

Project Manager

She teaches independent living and transition skills to adolescents and young adults with disabilities, and helps youth identify employment options that they can seek after their schooling.

Hatibu Rajabu

Employment Manager

Hatibu Rajabu is a self-motivated youth with enthusiasm for bringing impacts to the community. He is holding a Bachelor degree in Arts with Education, graduated from the University of Dar Es Salaam.

Dr Margo Izzo


Education: Dr. Vreeburg Izzo completed her Ph.D. in Special Education, Rehabilitation and Research at OSU in 1998, and received her MA from George Washington University in Washington D.C.

Katherine Sawicki

Product Managers

Katherine has Bachelor Degree on Journalism and Art at Reno Nevada University. She also have experience is product development and marketing from Breadwin and Audacity respectively from

Gwaliwa Peter Mashaka

Founder / Director

Ms Gwaliwa Peter Mashaka is an innovator, software engineer professional, data scientist.

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