A platform for women who offer Innovative, affordable and technological solutions for energy challenges in Africa


We champion women in the energy space through the use of innovative and data-driven solutions to solve energy challenges in Africa, whilst empowering female professionals, women in business and inspiring young girls in energy sector.  

Corporate Consulting

We work with corporates to provide research and consultation services to build business cases that support women empowerment, gender diversity and disability inclusion at workplace.

As social accountability responsibility as well as improving business operations.

We are dedicated to assisting business women to connect to the energy business.

Improve their business by using energy efficient quality products and finding customers for their products.

We support business women with training, equipments-loan and increase their business visibility(eShop) 

Energy Solutions

We offer contractors for grid and off-grid energy solutions from women professional and women business for individuals, small, medium and large enterprises. Our solutions use data and technology for sustainability and affordability yet environmentally friendly.

Women in Business

We understand the need for power among women with disabilities in Africa and we are dedicated to support this segment by providing energy for home consumption, school and business purposes. We also have a dedicated section on empowering women with disabilities to access opportunities in the energy sector.

We connect young female graduates to internships, and entry-level job opportunities for work-based learnng. 

We believe in innovation and provide support for young women in starting their own businesses in the energy sector and access funding opportunities.

We understand the need for energy access and its centrality in girls empowerment which ranges from protecting them from sexual and physical abuse as well as promoting girl child education. We have partnered with Ohio State University for transition skills to prepare girls for higher learning and employment.

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Upcoming Projects

Girls in Power, empowering and Inspiring young Girls in the refugee camps on technology and innovation in the energy sector

Arising Africa women Business Model

We have five engagements to support women entreprenuers in Africa

1.Capacity building on women in Leadership 

2.Career Develepment (Business&Entreprenuership in energy space)

3. Practical skills (field work)

4. Financial capacity-loan (energy equipments for business growth)

5. Increase their business visibility (MADE in AFRICA-eShoP)

Clients and Partners

  Our Team:

Ms Gwaliwa Peter Mashaka

Managing Director


Ms Katherine Sawicki

Product Manager


Ms Angel Mcharo

Campus Engagement

Tanzania & USA

Ms.Kholofelo Baloyi

Software Engineer

South Africa

Ms Silvia Sampong Ekremet

Renewable Energy Expert

UK & Ghana

Ms Lilian Motongori

Community Engagement



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Johannesburg, South Africa and Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania


+255 713 505789 Tanzania

+27 765 992730   South Africa

+254 707 378375 Kenya

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