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EmployAble Africa is an innovative and inclusive online platform designed to support inclusive economic empowerment in Africa by using data and technology. Join us for more!

Corporate Consulting

We work with employers on capacity building for accommodation and adjustment for people with disability on application stage, interview and job placement. We have a great network and a good relationship with stakeholders who are always looking to reach out to new candidates

We are dedicated to assisting graduates with disabilities or long-term health conditions a unique opportunity to engage in employment while developing independent living skills. Our curriculum is designed to improve the academic, transition and employment outcomes of students with disabilities at both the secondary and postsecondary levels.  

University and College

We support university on how to help students with the disability. We conduct a campus visit and offer disability supportive tools. We share information about scholarship opportunities and graduates roles. Likewise, we partner with university and colleges to design and customise curriculums for people with disability.

Students and Graduates

We work with national and international organizations to promote inclusive economic empowerment in Africa. Our Solutions are data and technology-driven, we emphasise on solutions that add values to the community, brings about impact while sustainable both on financial and social aspects.



We offer employability skills for students and graduates through career fairs and online course. We provide technical skills on emerging technology (through coding school and Artificial intelligence) to youth who are out of school. We also partner with colleges that offer online courses.

We work with employers to coordinate internship and employment for students with disability both on paid and unpaid bases. Our platform allows employers to reach us when they are looking for able talents, as well as allows talents to register with us. Consequently, matching the need and demand side(click here)

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Benefits to employers
  • Diverse and dependable workforce.

  • Job training service available

  • Work opportunity and government support

  • Higher rates of job retention

  • Assist government with meeting mandated hiring goals

  • Promotes an inclusive workplace

Benefits to Job Seekers
  • Increases your profile visibility among employers

  • Access to paid Student Employment​

  • Access to unpaid Internship

  • General Service Assistant

  • Regular employment Positions​

Benefits to Students
  • Information Technology

  • Financial Literacy

  • Career Guidance

  • STEM Courses

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Plan for Your Future

  • Scholarship and Grants

Our Products

Real-Time Transcription Software

For deaf, hard hearing and development disability persons

For schools.

We build capacity on teachers to help students in making a smooth transition. Our curriculum is designed to improve the academic, transition and employment outcomes of students with disabilities at both the secondary and postsecondary levels in inclusive settings.

Support Disability Employment


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